Vital Progress Summit
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The Extropy Institute's Vital Progress Summit has been underway for a few days now, and some interesting opinions are emerging from the participants. The summit site notes that a modern threat to the advance of medical technology has emerged from bioethical and luddite groups with strong political connections:

The President's Council on Bioethics and its Beyond Therapy report, the forces gathered around The New Atlantis, and the Precautionary Principle, all threaten technological progress especially in the areas of biomedicine and neuromedicine. This means they threaten the integrity of our minds and bodies. They threaten our rights and opportunities to make the most of our life and health.

In short, these groups (along with other general political trends) threaten the foundation stones of healthy life extension. Longer, healthier lives can only come from rapid, efficient, unfettered, new medical research. So what are we going to do about it?

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