Brief Note on Protandim Bait and Switch
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Lifeline Neutraceuticals will be launching their Protandim brand pills fairly soon. This seems to be an appropriate time to remind those interested in supplements that these pills are not the same as the protandim (or CMX-1152) compound tested by Ceremedix and widely discussed in the healthy life extension community.

CereMedix's peptide technology for decreasing age-related deterioration, resulting from accelerating and cumulative oxidative damage has the potential to be of major benefit in this regard. One potential candidate for the healthy life expectancy has already been identified, CMX-1152. This is an orally available, naturally occurring peptide, which has demonstrated improved longevity in mice.

As I noted previously, the Lifeline product doesn't appear to be at all related to CMX-1152.

UPDATE (June 03 2005): In light of all the recent interest, visitors might find it helpful to read my latest post on the topic of Lifeline and Protandim.