The Phaedon Institute is a Think Tank Focused on Longevity Science

One of the more noted figures in the senolytics industry has founded a think-tank institute to promote longevity science, and is organizing a senotherapeutics conference to take place later this year. This seems a good thing, and I encourage more of those in the industry to step outside the bounds of their company research and development programs to consider the bigger picture and what they might do to cultivate faster progress towards greater human longevity.

The Phaedon Institute was envisioned by a group of distinguished scientists and entrepreneurs to promote a greater degree of synergy, efficient cooperation, and discussion among longevity industry stakeholders that could set rigorous standards and guidance to support the growing community of the emerging field of longevity sciences. The Phaedon Institute is aimed to distill solid and sound science, support the leaders and talents, recognize the proper regulatory environment and investment opportunities, and transform the aging and longevity industry.

In the past 100 years, we have achieved groundbreaking milestones in disease diagnosis and treatment and extended a healthy life span. A step change in life expectancy will have vast implications for individuals, governments, and society. To ensure that increases in longevity benefit all, a collaborative approach among different stakeholders is required to drive change and create solutions to equip us for this new reality.

The Phaedon Summit is a platform to offer space to the key opinion leaders in the science and therapeutic development to support the growing community of the emerging field of longevity sciences. Phaedon Institute is pleased to introduce the inaugural Seno-Therapeutics Summit 2023 to be held in November 2023 at the beautiful Buck Institute For Research On Aging, Novato, California.


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