All browser connections to Fight Aging! are encrypted. The Fight Aging! server records a minimum amount of information about visitors in local logs. This information, such as your IP address, operating system, and browser type, is automatically provided by your browser to all web sites that you visit. At Fight Aging! these records are regularly deleted and shared with no-one.

Newsletter Subscriptions

If you sign up for the Fight Aging! Newsletter, your email address will be stored in the newsletter database. It will not be shared with any other organization, nor will it be used to send unsolicited e-mail.

Use of Sharing Tools

If you open the share tools associated with a post at Fight Aging! then that action and data such as your browser version, IP address, and the page you are currently viewing will be recorded by third parties such as Facebook and Google whether or not you use the tool to share a link. If you do not open a share tool while viewing a page, then no data will be revealed to these third parties: the tool is only loaded and activated when clicked.

Suggested Privacy Tools

If you are concerned about your browsing habits being recorded by third parties such as advertisers, Google, and Facebook, then you might look into installing one or more of the reputable browser plugins that help to prevent this from happening. For example:

Last Updated: November 4th 2016