If your priority for charitable giving is to reduce human suffering in the world, then by far the most cost-effective approach is to support scientific programs that enable the development of rejuvenation therapies. In comparison to the vast and inflated cost of medicine, the scientific research that produces the means to make new medicines is cheap. Given the right infrastructure of research, advocacy, and networking between the scientific community and industry, new scientific results achieved at low cost, supported by philanthropy, can inspire a great deal of venture capital and other for-profit investment in further development. The following 501(c)(3) charitable foundations are an important part of that growing infrastructure: please support their ongoing efforts to enable human rejuvenation in our lifetimes.

Donate to the SENS Research Foundation

SENS Research Foundation maintains a research group and laboratory that has led to a number of spin-out companies focused on aspects of rejuvenation via repair of the cell and tissue damage that causes aging, such as Cyclarity. It further funds research in a number of allied scientific institutions around the world, focused on enabling rejuvenation via repair, particularly in parts of the field that appear to be neglected or moving too slowly.


Donate to the Longevity Escape Velocity Foundation

Aubrey de Grey's new Longevity Escape Velocity (LEV) Foundation undertakes similar work in research and advocacy as the SENS Research Foundation, with an initial focus on combining approaches to demonstrate that repairing different forms of cell and tissue damage simultaneously will produce greater, synergistic gains, as expected from a damage-focused view of aging.


Donate to the Methuselah Foundation

The Methuselah Foundation was the original home for the research programs that grew to became the SENS Research Foundation. The Methuselah Foundation continues to perform a range of important work in the field of rejuvenation research, in combination with an allied venture fund, the Methuselah Fund. The primary focus is tissue engineering and production of replacement organs, but they are also involved in numerous other projects relevant to research into aging and rejuvenation.


Last updated: November 21st 2022