Journalists will find Fight Aging! a useful resource in reporting on the many fields of medical research in which scientists aim to producing therapies that can create longer, healthier lives. The broader field of aging research is undergoing a revolution in scope and capabilities over the past decade, a revolution that shows no signs of slowing. The results will be transformative: the medical control of aging and age-related disease. Fight Aging! is also a gateway to the growing community of advocates, researchers, supporters, and many other people who are materially supporting progress towards the rejuvenation biotechnologies of tomorrow.

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Many organizations maintain useful press rooms and reprint policies on the topics of aging, longevity medicine, biotechnologies likely to extend the human life span, and related political battles. You may find these to be useful:

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The resources here at Fight Aging! are intended to inform and educate. Use the following links to start browsing, or search for specific topics, or look through the menus.

  • FAQ: The Fight Aging! FAQ is a succinct outline of the views of this site on aging, the relevance of various different lines of research, and the prospects for the future. It is a good place to start.

  • Daily news and commentary: We comment on and link to recent developments, new research, and relevant news. If you want to keep up to date on the longevity science community, bookmarking the Fight Aging! home page is a good place to start.

  • Newsletter: The weekly newsletter features commentary, news, and opinion pieces on topics relating to treating aging as a medical condition and extending the healthy human life span. Back issues are archived and available to read online.

Journalists and Longevity Science

Journalists and writers will play an important role in the coming biotechnology revolution, a period of development that will lead to the development of methods to rejuvenate the old and prevent aging. Public education and awareness ultimately determines research funding in any given field, and media efforts drive public education and awareness. The longevity medicine of the near future will only become real when enough people understand the options and resolve to fund the research.

We can view the results of this process in the fight against cancer. Once that battle became a priority in the 1970s, once people understood that cancer could be beaten, then the hard work and real scientific progress could begin. Today, the US National Cancer Institute aims to prevent all suffering and death from cancer within the foreseeable future.

We can do the same for aging and its degenerative conditions: find effective therapies and cures within a few decades, provided private and public funding rises to high enough levels. This task has to start with education and awareness, with activists, journalists and writers. You can all do your part to help make lives longer, healthier and better.

Writers of Note

A number of professional journalists and other notables have written frequently about healthy life extension and related topics, such as stem cell research, regenerative medicine, aging research, life extension politics, and so forth.

If you know of other writers who should be on this list, by all means contact us to suggest their inclusion.

Last updated: April 3rd 2016