Testimony on Increasing Life Expectancy

(From the LEF News). There was a senate hearing on the future of longevity earlier this week ("The Future of Life Expectancy: How Important Are Markets and Innovation?"), at which this testimony was given. Professor James W. Vaupel expressed justifiable concern at the slowing rate of progress in health and longevity science in the US. This is a point that worries a lot of us, and current government attitudes and efforts are hindering as much as helping (witness the attempts to ban promising medical technologies and research over the past year, or the luddite positions of the President's Council on Bioethics). We need to oppose research bans and support our researchers!

Link: http://www.lef.org/news/aging/2003/06/03/eng-ascribe/eng-ascribe_122515_2372585069036137560.html

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