Leaving the Blinders On In Germany

A pointed editorial from F.A.Z. denouces German government policy with respect to all the most promising modern medical research. Next to France, Germany enforces some of the strictest anti-research legislation and greatest government control: very little healthy life extension research is permitted in Germany, and frustration is clearly evident. We are on the verge of curing some of the worst diseases of aging, conditions that have plagued mankind for thousands of years, yet politicians insist on attempting to ban this progress! We must stand up in support of medical research if we wish to see near term benefits.

Link: http://www.faz.com/IN/INtemplates/eFAZ/docmain.asp?rub=%7BB1311FCC-FBFB-11D2-B228-00105A9CAF88%7D&doc=%7B049ADE27-5720-4332-80DD-0054ED8C417B%7D


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