Victory for Alcor in Arizona

Just a quick note on this topic, since the legislative alert was mentioned here earlier this week. It looks like Alcor have what is just about the best case outcome they could have hoped for under the current circumstances. You can read the e-mail sent out by the Alcor president today at the Immortality Institute boards. Quoted below:

The progress of today's hearing would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of a number of good people, including Barry Aarons, David Brandt-Erichsen, Saul Kent, Tanya Jones, Aubrey de Grey, and Steve Rude. In addition, we must thank all the brave souls who traveled to Phoenix to testify but were unable to do so due to legislative time constraints including Steve Harris, Mark and Judy Muhlestein, Ted and Bobby Kraver, Jim Lewis, and two organ preservation scientists who wish to remain anonymous.

We must also thank those members who attended the hearing as a public show of support for Alcor. Lastly, but certainly not least, we must thank all of the members who took time away from their busy schedules to eMail, fax, and call Arizona state legislators, urging them to oppose this bill. When they revealed to us that they were receiving from 150-200 eMails per day we realized that you all really made a difference! Thank you!!!

The community pulled together tremendously well over the past few days, especially given the short notice, and made their opinions known in no uncertain terms. Now, if we could just manage to do the same to all the restrictive legislation and anti-research politicians who are attacking stem cell research, therapeutic cloning and regenerative medicine...

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