A Brief Paean to InfoAging

InfoAging is one of the best online resources for the basics of aging, aging science, and progress towards real anti-aging and regenerative medicine. It is a venture of the American Federation for Aging Research, and thus the tone is carefully conservative: information presented at InfoAging is all solid and in the scientific mainstream.

InfoAging is well-written and the presentation is user-friendly. Anyone involved in presenting scientific information to the public will benefit from taking a look around - I certainly aspire to write copy at the level of competence demonstrated by the InfoAging editors.

Public understanding is vital to progress in medical research, as I am fond of repeating. Widespread public support is essential in order for major research and commercialization initiatives to gain the necessary public or private funding. Education, activism and advocacy are essential to the process of bringing money to the table, thus enabling hard-working scientists to do what they do best.


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