FuturePundit on Aubrey de Grey

A recent article quoting Aubrey de Grey merits commentary by Randall Parker at FuturePundit:

University of Cambridge biogerontologist Aubrey de Grey says the first person who will live to be 1000 is 45 years old right now. Aubrey thinks aging is barbaric. Aubrey is right.

Aubrey believes there will be a sea change in public opinion about the reversibility of aging once genetic engineering, stem cell therapies, and several other aging-reversal therapies allow mice to live much longer.

Aubrey de Grey has also commented on the likelihood of the cryonics industry picking up steam as people realize that extended lives are quite possible in the future.

Bringing about a sea change in attitudes towards serious anti-aging research is vitally important to our future; significant medical research only happens in the context of widespread public understanding and approval. Just look at the funding projects now being attempted for stem cell and regenerative medicine research in California and New Jersey. Think about the changes in public opinion that led to increased AIDS funding, or the start of the fight to cure Alzheimer's. Successes in cancer and diabetes research rest atop firm public opinion and widespread education - just try to find someone today who thinks that curing cancer is either impossible or a bad idea!

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