Metheuselah Mouse Prize Passes $50,000

The Methuselah Mouse Prize has passed the $50,000 mark! We're all very excited to see this anti-aging research prize doing so well in such a short time since the official launch last year. The prize total also benefits from a further $300,000 in pledges thanks to The Three Hundred. (You may recall that I have already touted the value of joining The Three Hundred to help the fight to cure aging. Go ahead - you'll be in good company!)

The prize now has more than 100 donors, including such noteworthy people as futurist Ray Kurzweil and Human Genome Sciences founder William A. Haseltine.

Viewing the donor list at the Methuselah Foundation website, you can read thought-provoking comments by people from all walks of life who have stepped up to make a contribution. Have you thought about the future of your health and longevity today?

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