Now This, I Think, Is Worthy of Support and Congratulations

I do not exaggerate when I say that we should all be lining up to congratulate Dr. Douglas Melton and the researchers of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute. Their release - for free, to the world - of 17 new stem cell lines is the sort of positive response to government research restrictions that we should all applaud. This represents a great deal of hard work at all levels and is a particularly timely and impressive achievement in the present climate.

Melton is hopeful that the availability of the new cell lines will speed research developments in the area of stem cell biology. "Consistent with the general practice among academic scientists, these cells are a reagent that will be shared," said Melton. "We hope that sharing these cells will quicken the pace of discovery."

This sort of work should be encouraged and publicly applauded. Accordingly, you I have put up a page at the Longevity Meme to help you send a letter of thanks and congratulations to Dr. Melton and the HHMI researchers. They have worked hard to ensure that you have a chance at a much longer, much healthier life - and you should let them know that you appeciate their efforts.

What are you waiting for? It's not every day that you get to thank a team who are part of scientific progress towards saving millions of lives - so get writing!


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