A Brief Paean To Betterhumans

If we're counting eyeballs and weight of online presence, I think it's fairly safe to say that Betterhumans has become the public face of transhumanism. (You can find a short explanation of the relevance of transhumanism, transhumanists and transhumanist ideas to healthy life extension at the Longevity Meme. Transhumanism gets a nice large ovoid in the community diagram as well). Betterhumans is doing a good job of bringing transhumanist ideals - including the engineering of longer, healthier lives through advanced medicine - into the public eye.

Public understanding and support is essential to funding large scale medical research programs - hence the need for activism, education and other similar efforts. Media outlets like Betterhumans are doing their part in this process.

Even if transhumanism isn't your cup of tea, Betterhumans is a publication that should be on your favorites list. It presents good articles about medical advances that matter because the editors are aware of the most important goals: increasing healthy life span, defeating age-related conditions, and fully understanding human biochemistry. The future isn't just just a thousand happenings taking place tomorrow - it's a path to destinations that we can clearly envisage now. The multitude of small steps taken by scientists each and every day only make sense in the context of these destinations.

These are the early years of a great, world-changing, awe-inspiring biomedical revolution. There is much to be done and far more to see before it's over. Take part, or follow along, but be aware.

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