Calorie Restriction in the Press

Calorie restriction (CR) is riding high in the press in the wake of a very impressive set of human study results. This should certainly provide impetus for further funding in the scientific community, and is good confirmation on top of the many, many animal studies on the beneficial effects of calorie restriction.

With all the media attention, the CR Society has an influx of new members and their e-mail lists are humming. The Longevity Meme is experiencing a mini-deluge of visitors as well, since my CR page is fairly high up on a Google search on "calorie restriction". One of the newcomers was kind enough to send me the following e-mail:

I just wanted to say thank you for the clear and interesting exposition of CR on your website.

As a lifelong 'fatty' and stress eater, I was drawn to search for CR links as a result of recent media publicity. The lovely thing about your site is that it explains the principles clearly without making those of us who do not follow a healthy diet feel subhuman and degraded - a very substantial reason why I at least have often rebelled against dieting. In fact, it sounds so sensible, reasonable and logical I want to find out more.

Thanks, and wish me luck. And courage.

The best of luck to everyone who is about to embark on a new CR diet! You should certainly take advantage of the CR Society resources:

It's very pleasing to see calorie restriction getting the recognition it deserves. I hope that it will bring many more people into the healthy life extension community and open many more eyes to the concept of extending the healthy human life span.

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