Shameless Name Dropping

After a year or so of collaboration on Methuselah Foundation agenda items and technology work, I had the chance to meet Aubrey de Grey in person. He was briefly in town between flights and lunching with biotech writer Gina Smith - a scarily well-connected person if there ever was one. I tagged along, and we had a rousing conversation on the state of healthy life extension in the media, the history of the non-academic parts of the community, and the need for far greater funding in aging and serious anti-aging research.

I'm always pleased to see journalistic enthusiastic on the topics of healthy life extension and prospects for near term gains in medical science. This enthusiasm propagates through the media to help build the widespread public support and understanding that is necessary for high levels of research funding. (Devon Fowler and I touch on this issue in "Activism for Healthy Life Extension" over at the Longevity Meme).


I'm green with envy. :-) More details!

Posted by: Stephen Gordon at April 21st, 2004 7:39 AM
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