The Libertarian-Socialist Divide

James Hughes - who has little patience for libertarianism - has a few choice comments regarding a recent post of mine on the virtues of small government.

This is a central conflict in transhumanist discussion circles, or at least one on which a lot of ink is spilled. In terms of the way in which transhumanist organizations present themselves to the world, it's something of a moot point. The biggest transhumanist media outlets (like Betterhumans, a sterling site that should be on your favorites list) are fairly middle of the road from the point of view of someone like myself (or James, from the opposite end of the spectrum).

My own personal arguments for small government stem from efficiency concerns, a desire for responsibility and accountability, and an Austrian view of economics and human psychology. I won't ramble on the topic here, but will point you to a good start for further reading on the topic.


I have read James Hughes's comments and there are 2 things where i don't undersand his point of view :
First why being taller is a sign of being healthier
(the tallest people are not the ones living healthy the longuest).
Two the average American man in the US is not toller but immigration in the us has been more important than in Europe and the proportion of hispanic and asian people (who are in general shorter than caucasian) has been steadily rising, that may explain why the trend in the US is different from Europe.
What do u think ?

PS : English is not my mother tongue so i hope you will understand my reasoning

Posted by: TM at April 6th, 2004 12:34 PM
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