A Tribute to Dr. Roy Walford

The life and deeds of Dr. Roy Walford, leading light of the modern calorie restriction movement will be celebrated at a wake this Sunday 2nd May, 2004.

Lisa would like to invite us all to her father's wake. Here's the invitation:


Please join Roy's friends and family in a wake to honor this dearly beloved Renaissance man...

Dr. Roy Walford
1924 - 2004

Scientist, Artist, Teacher, Writer, Adventurer, Father, Friend

True to Roy's dramatic nature, we will feature the Best of RLW in a video collage; his music video, an abbreviated version of the documentary film in production on Biosphere 2, and more.

For your convenience, we have reserved parking spaces at the beach. We can park your car or you will receive a pass provided by an attendant at the parking lot on the north-west corner of Brooks and Pacific. The entrance is through the alley just north of Brooks.

SUNDAY, MAY 2, 2:00 - 9:00


If you would like to come, please send a request to the following email address (and don't email me; don't hit the 'reply' button):


We will send out an email invitation to you on Saturday evening with the address, directions, and other pertinent information. Note, there are also memorials being planned in New York, and at the Biosphere in Arizona. More information on those will be sent when the details are finalized.

Best of health to us all,

Brian M. Delaney
President, The Calorie Restriction Society

For those of us unable to attend, a website has been put up so that people can write tributes and comments - like this one:

thank you Roy I am a NOBODY who read THE 120 YEAR DIET and was inspired by it. I have read it and re-read it so many times that ROY is fixed in my mind as a lifelong companion. His words were a guide to my life. His passing leaves the world seeming emptier.

As Aubrey de Grey says: "Aging really is barbaric. It shouldn't be allowed. I don't need an ethical argument. I don't need any argument. It's visceral. To let people die is bad." How many more hundreds of thousands of lives will slip away on the path to a cure for aging? The answer to that question is up to us.


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