Chatting at the Immortality Institute, the Methuselah Mouse Prize

The Immortality Institute holds regular Sunday chat sessions with scientists, transhumanists, futurists and other luminaries. They're fairly irreverent, fun events, and I took part in the last one.

I think the most interesting question was this (after snipping the side conversations and less related posts on politics):

[ct] Reason, what one goal would you like to achieve within the next twelve months?
[Reason] only one?
[ct] Yes.
[Reason] arg
[Reason] that's tough - I have so many
[ct] One.
[Reason] cruel and unusual - give me a moment to think about that
[Reason] I think that the most important goal that can be accomplished is to get the Methuselah Mouse prize to the next level (of traffic, press, cash, attention)
[Reason] or rather, that wuold be most important goal that I *can* reasonably accomplish in the next 12 months
[Jonesey] agree reason
[Jonesey] MM is huge
[ct] Which of the four?
[Reason] not that I'd be doing it alone
[Reason] ct: the four all go together; can't accomplish any one of them alone
[ct] Prioritize the four, please.
[Reason] hmm. Well cash is the highest, since if we had cash and none of the other three, then the other three could be obtained by waving the cash around
[Jonesey] the funding necessary for MM is miniscule compared to what is being spend right now in iraq
[ct] Thank you.
[Reason] very true - you can cure a major disease these days for the cost of a stealth bomber
[Reason] ct: does this mean you'll be visiting the Methuselah Mouse Prize donation page right now? :)
[ct] It was a thought.
[Reason] in many ways, at this stage, the number of donors is as important as the amount
[Reason] it's bait for the wealthy philanthropists
[Reason] although the Three Hundred initiative is very important too - and I encourage you all to look at it with an eye to joining
[Reason] The Three Hundred web page

The Methuselah Mouse Prize is indeed an important effort to generate public support and accelerate serious research into reversing aging. [ct] went ahead and generously donated to the prize before the chat had ended, for which I didn't get the chance to thank her - so, thank you!

For those of you reading this now, I hope that you will take a few minutes to look at the work being done by the Methuselah Foundation and consider donating to this worthy cause. You can also learn more about research prizes and the way in which they spur development in science and medicine at the Longevity Meme - read the article and be impressed at just how much investment a donation can inspire.


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