Support Cryonics By Showing Your Face

I don't think I've yet mentioned the Facing Cryonics initiative over at the Immortality Institute. While the most recent attempts to legislate cryonics out of existance seem to have died down, it is good to be prepared for the next round. In particular, Alcor supporters expect some Arizona politicians to try to reintroduce anti-cryonics legislation at a later date in 2004 or 2005 - we would like it to be a whole lot easier to stop the process.

The Facing Cryonics initiative is one attempt to demonstrate that a multitude of real people from all walks of life support cryonics and the goals of cryonics providers like the Alcor Life Extension Foundation and the Cryonics Institute. You can help the cryonics community with just a few minutes of your time by uploading your photograph and entering a message of support.

To learn more about cryonics, cryonics providers, and the supportive community, you should start by reading the introduction to cryonics at the Longevity Meme.


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