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One of the new recipients suggested to me today that a smaller, more frequent newsletter might be better:

I just got this first newsletter but have some input: I would prefer getting these message more often because there is NO way I am able to dig through all this today. And I wll probably forget to come back to old messages at the rate of incoming emails. Maybe there should be an option if more frequent messages are preferred or if people like to get dozens of articles in one big swoop. Just my 2 cents for all it's worth...

I'll have to admit that the newsletter has grown to a fair length since I first started. I was considering a move to a weekly newsletter a few months ago, but dropped the idea in favor of starting Fight Aging! instead. That was a good decision, but perhaps it is now time to cut down the length of the Longevity Meme newsletter and issue it more frequently?

I'd like to hear your input on this matter, so feel free to let me know what you think.


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