Rejuvenation Research: First Issue is Out

The first issue of Rejuvenation Research has just been published.

Rejuvenation Research is a relaunch of the Journal of Anti-Aging Medicine, coinciding with my taking over as Editor-in-Chief from Michael Fossel. It will publish the highest-quality research in all areas of biology relevant to expediting the development of a real cure for human aging, including stem cell therapy, tissue engineering, gene therapy and many other areas not conventionally covered by biogerontology journals, as well as areas that are more conventionally classified as biogerontology. It will also feature extensive analysis of the social context of such work.

A fuller description of the aims and scope of RR is contained in the editorial to the first issue, which I thank the publishers, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. of New York, for allowing me to post at my website.

The quality that can be expected of this journal is best shown by the calibre of its editorial board, which consists of established leaders in all relevant areas. See below for a link to the list of board members.

I hope you will consider either taking out a personal subscription or, if you are a member of an academic institution, recommending them to take out an institutional subscription. Or both, of course! Subscribers can access the journal online shortly after publication; I am told that issue 1 will be online by the end of this week.

Relevant URLs:

Journal home page (including subscriptions):

Editorial Board:

Table of Contents:

Instructions for Authors:

Any queries or comments regarding RR are of course welcome.


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Base the theory, humanity can carry out rejuvenation. May you say that if it is true, rejuvenates yourself first? It isn`t so simple that as cure general patients by eating some medicine. Dissimilar, the rejuvenation and superlight speed is a great and complex project. It needs a lot of money from theory
to practical use.
Hope that you can buy it!
Thank you!
Yours sincerely

Posted by: Z,L at June 10th, 2004 3:45 AM

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