Thinking About Healthy Life Extension

While abusing the search feature at Technorati, I stumbled across the Wiser L.E. Journal - an interesting blog record of thoughts on healthy life extension. It's a chain of consciousness affair, and reminds me of my own late night introspection on life extension and how best I could help medical science advance more rapidly. (That being back before the advent of blogs, of course).

My own thoughts eventually led me to create the Longevity Meme and this blog - and volunteer my assistance to projects like the Methuselah Mouse Prize for anti-aging research. It's a start. We're all in this together; the more of us that work to make a difference, the faster it will go. So the best of wishes to William Wiser in his efforts, and I hope to see him at one or other of the healthy life extension community watering holes.


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