Welcome to the Collective!

As this post indicates, I think we can now welcome Glenn Reynolds to the healthy life extension and serious anti-aging science blogging collective, such as it exists.

AUBREY DE GREY WRITES: "The biogerontologist David Sinclair and the bioethicist Leon Kass recently locked horns in a radio debate on human life extension that was remarkable for one thing: on the key issue, Kass was right and Sinclair wrong."

De Grey's comments are part of a review of this book from Brookings, Coping With Methuselah: The Impact of Molecular Biology on Medicine and Society, which looks quite interesting; enough so that I've ordered a copy.

And yes, as a review of my recent stuff indicates, I'm getting more interested in this topic. It's my sense that the science -- and the regulatory impulse -- are both approaching the take-off point in this area.

Welcome aboard!


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