Who Are The Healthy Life Extension Bloggers?

My post from yesterday begs the question "who are these healthy life extension bloggers?" I was joking about the collective - we're all individuals who happen to share some overlapping viewpoints on this topic. I certainly don't endorse all of the views expressed on healthy life extension and anti-aging science, and I'm sure most other people feel the same way.

Dedicated blogs: people who post consistently on the topic of healthy life extension, anti-aging medicine, and so forth.

Interested Bloggers: people who post on the topic frequently enough to be included in this list.

Who am I missing here? (I am deliberately excluding on-topic non-blog sites such as the Immortality Institute). As you can see, there aren't all that many of us at the moment. The number is steadily growing, however, as the public becomes more aware of the promise of serious anti-aging research. As Glenn Reynolds puts it:

It's my sense that the science -- and the regulatory impulse -- are both approaching the take-off point in this area.

You're missing Better Humans and Three River Tech Review, although we are on the left side of things. We don't want to extend our lives to steal the last drops of oil from the middle east, and then call it "liberation"...

Posted by: Philip Shropshire at June 24th, 2004 9:10 AM

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