Working On The Methuselah Foundation Website

Kevin Perrott and I will be working on the Methuselah Foundation website in the weeks ahead. Volunteer technical work is a welcome break from the drudgery of earning money for poking at code.

Accidents of history and as-needed development have produced a good-looking site that is, unfortunately, distributed between two servers, uses several different scripting languages, and is otherwise a little lacking in organization under the hood. In particular, the Methuselah Mouse prize section of the site performed very poorly during the slashdotting earlier this week.

We'd like to fix that problem and, while we're at it, address any other concerns that have arisen over the past year since the site launch. A complete overhaul is not out of the question at this time. So if you have any comments or constructive suggestions relating to the current Foundation site, now would be the time to say something.

As always, donations to the Methuselah Mouse Prize fund are very welcome. Read the comments in the donor list and see which ones you agree with: this is a valuable and necessary effort for the future of serious anti-aging research. We'd be happy to see your support.


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