You Can Make a Difference: Donate!

Far too many of us are content to sit on the sidelines and watch the news of healthy life extension and aging science roll past. It's easy to forget the years of hard work that go into each and every step forward in medical science, not to mention the struggle to obtain funding and public support.

The future doesn't just happen - it is created through deliberate human action. If you want to see a future that includes real anti-aging medicine and greatly extended healthy life spans, then you have to step up to the plate and help to create it.

Fortunately, you don't need to be a biogerontologist to further the cause of serious anti-aging research. You can make a big difference by donating to the Methuselah Mouse Prize. Research prizes encourage a large amount of research funding as scientists compete to win:

The Methuselah Mouse Prize is the premier effort of the Methuselah Foundation. It is a contest designed to accelerate progress towards real longevity-enhancing medicine, promote public interest and involvement in research on healthy life extension, and encourage more such research by providing a financial incentive to researchers.

The prevailing view of the general public is that, despite much-publicised progress in certain areas, we still have no real chance of greatly extending human longevity within the lifetime of anyone alive today. This view may be overpessimistic. If so, the best way to correct it is to show that the longevity of a laboratory mammal can be greatly increased. This will be especially effective in raising public optimism and interest if the life-extending interventions are only implemented when the mouse has already reached an advanced age, and the prize is partly geared to encouraging such "late-onset" interventions.

If you believe that working towards a longer, healthier life is worth a few dollars a day, then become one of The Three Hundred! Your pledges will help to ensure that serious anti-aging research is given the support and funding it deserves.

Remember that, as Gandi said, "you must be the change you wish to see in the world."


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