A Calorie Restriction Diary

A young lady named April is keeping a calorie restriction diary over at Blogspot. (Blogspot is having some sort of odd issue at the moment - you may have to refresh a couple of times in order to see the page). She's certainly much smaller in stature than myself, since she's comfortable with 800-1100 calories per day. Extreme calorie restriction (CR) for me is about 1500 calories per day: I can do that without being constantly hungry provided I'm eating a sensible, tailored diet. As April notes in one of her entries:

It's interesting to talk to other CR practitioners about how they have arrived at their calorie levels. It varies a lot from person to person.

Calorie restriction diaries are very useful for other folks who are looking for ideas, recipies, tips and tricks - and also to dispel many of the silly myths perpuated about CR and how it is practiced. More people should do it.

As always, you can learn more about calorie restriction and its positive effects on health and longevity at the Longevity Meme and the Calorie Restriction Society website.


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