Another Calorie Restriction Diary

I was pointed to another calorie restriction diary at Blogspot (you may have to refresh a few times - Blogspot is still having issues) by one of the folks at the calorie restriction society. Like April, this diarist must be small in stature - her daily intake (900 calories) is far lower than my ideal level of calorie restriction (more like 1500 calories). Here is an interesting post:

Over 3 years ago, I built my own nutritional analysis tool based on the USDA database using Access. I have data in there for every day back to January 2001. It lets you set goals, record what you ate, does reports, finds foods high in any of the nutrients. You can add new foods and enter them using recipes.

Online calorie restriction diaries provide a useful view into what it is actually like to practice this diet on a day to day basis. I'd be happy to see more of them.


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