HGSI Founder Backs New Scripps Institute

The Sun-Sentinel notes that William Haseltine, founder of Human Genome Sciences, is backing the proposed Florida Scripps Research Institute. "Haseltine, who has founded seven biotech companies, said he is interested in focusing on regenerative medicine, restoring any part of the body that's diseased or injured to normal body functions." Haseltine is an advocate of serious anti-aging research - and an early donor to the Methuselah Mouse Prize - so it should be interesting to see what he will work on in the years ahead. A faster path to working regenerative medicine is an important step in the process of bootstrapping our way to far longer, healthier lives.

Link: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/business/local/sfl-zbiotech22jul22,0,4557903.story?coll=sfla-business-headlines


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