"Living Forever" at On Point and NPR

The webcast for the Ray Kurzweil talk on NPR is now up at On Point:

Immortality is just around the corner, says technologist Ray Kurzweil. All you need to do to achieve it is hang on until the wonder of life-extending technologies such as self-repairing nanobots and therapeutic-cloning take hold.

With any luck, Kurzweil says, it may be just a matter of decades, not centuries, before the human lifespan becomes infinite -- not 100 but 200 years long.

Tune in to hear techologist Ray Kurzweil talk about his how-to-achieve the 200-year human lifespan guide.

The copywriters apparently have a fairly loose grasp on the concept of infinity, but no matter. Get thee hence and listen to the discussion! The webcast is available in Windows, Real and Quicktime streams.


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