Push the Methuselah Mouse Prize to $500,000

I'm going to point your attention to this item at the Longevity Meme today:

The Methuselah Foundation has raised over $400,000 in pledges and donations in under a year through The Three Hundred Initiative and the generosity of early donors. These funds grow the Methuselah Mouse Prize that is building public support and encourage competition in serious anti-aging research. These are vital steps on the road to much longer, much healthier human lives. The formal launch of the Reversal Prize is in November 2004, and we need your help to reach the magic $500,000 mark in pledges by that time. All it will take is a few more people to join The Three Hundred. This is an amazing opportunity - for just a few dollars a day, you can help to defeat aging in your lifetime!

I'll add that one of the Methuselah Foundation volunteers, Thor Christensen, is offering to donate an additional $500 to the Methuselah Mouse prize fund when the next person joins The Three Hundred. In addition, new members will get Methuselah Mouse gear from me as a part of the current promotion for donors.

There are good things in the pipeline for the rest of the year, and we'd all like to make the November Reversal Prize launch something special by being able to announce that we have reached the half million mark in pledges by that time. So strike a blow for serious anti-aging research and join The Three Hundred!


Two people have joined the 300 in the last two weeks. We're getting closer! Approximately $60,000 in donations, and $400,000 in pledges! At the rate that donations have been coming in recently, I don't see $14,000 being donated in the next two and a half to three months. So one more person joining the 300 won't do it--the prize really needs another two people to join The Three Hundred.

I've stated before that I intend to join the 300 at some point. Whether I can do so before November remains to be seen. If I can't, I'll be sure at least to make as large a donation as I can, perhaps $100 or $200.

Posted by: Jay Fox at August 10th, 2004 11:42 AM

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