A Critical Eye On Elixir

Boston.com casts a critical eye on Elixir Pharmaceuticals and its progress towards stability and real anti-aging drugs. Elixir is suffering some of the growing pains of any younger medical research company, and is apparently refocusing to reach a reliable revenue stream more quickly. "In a sense, every company must at some point surrender some of its promise as it moves toward a real product. But for Elixir, a company founded to continue the centuries-long quest for an antidote to aging, that transition has been much more pronounced." According the the article, Elixir will license one of the new calorie restriction mimetics in order to come closer to profitability.

Link: http://www.boston.com/business/technology/biotechnology/articles/2004/08/02/unfocused_elixir_seeks_new_life?pg=full


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