Some More Polling

I briefly noted recent Proposition 71 polling a few days ago as an item of interest. Here are some more polls on embryonic stem cell research (as well as cloning and other science topics) that I noticed in a post at Cyborg Democracy:

"There is a type of medical research that involves using special cells, called stem cells, that are obtained from human embryos. These human embryo stem cells are then used to generate new cells and tissue that could help treat or cure many diseases. I am now going to read you two statements about this type of research.

"Statement A: Those OPPOSED to this type of research say that it crosses an ethical line by using cells from potentially viable human embryos, when this research can be done on animals or by using other types of cells.

"Statement B: Those IN FAVOR of this research say that it could lead to breakthrough cures for many diseases, such as cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and spinal cord injuries, and this research uses only embryos that otherwise would be discarded.

"Who do you agree with more: those opposed or those in favor?"

Agree more with those opposed22%
Agree more with those in favor71%
Depends (vol.)2%
Not sure5%

There are others as well; a nice cross section of public opinion on the topic.

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