Expectations for Freedom of Research After the Election

Whoever is elected to office following the November US election, whichever way the UN jumps on therapeutic cloning, and whatever the result of the Proposition 71 vote in California, the mechanisms of government capable of restricting medical research will still be in place. The degree to which medicine is socialized - and thus slowed, hobbled and held back from the best possible pace of advance - will remain largely unchanged. Most of the threats to the future of your health and longevity will still be there, personalized by the same government employees and rules that existed before the election.

The best thing to do? Help to inspire scientists to get to work on greatly extending the healthy human life span. Regardless of the politicians in power, progress in the science of healthy life extension is good - and we have a lot more control over that than we do over the machinations of Senate, House and White House.


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