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Now that we have paying advertisers, I should probably say something about our advertising policy. So here it is:

Fight Aging! does not endorse or support any product, service or cause advertised on this website. That said, we do make a reasonable effort to ensure that the sellers of pills, potions and nonsense you see written up in Quackwatch do not appear here. This is why we do not use Google Adsense or other similar automated ad-matching services. It is simply too hard to screen out the opportunists and frauds who are giving healthy life extension research a bad name.

All proceeds from advertising on Fight Aging! are donated to the Methuselah Foundation to help the Methuselah Mouse Prize for anti-aging research and other projects.

If you are interested in advertising on Fight Aging! please do contact Reason to obtain our rates and other relevant facts and figures.


I have studied on anti aging ads and their devastating effects. I analysed nearly fifty ads in magazine for woman. I agree with all of your opinions.

Posted by: gulcin at June 1st, 2006 8:20 AM

but in devoloping countries, ads about anti-aging have really bad effects on people in my opinion. by using scientific discorse, people are invited to fingting with aging. it is not science it is a trade not science. I don't mention science I mention advertising. ads uses scientific discourse. I advocate long life. but I am opposite of anti-aging advertising. they are commercial. they benefit from our fears. all people affair of aging.

Posted by: gulcin at June 1st, 2006 8:37 AM
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