First Review For "The Scientific Conquest of Death"

Stephen Gordon has the first review up for "The Scientific Conquest of Death" from the Immortality Institute. It sounds like he likes it:

I'm happy to report that the book is a complete success.

This book is a collection of essays divided into two parts: Science and Perspectives. The Science half of the book is written by scientists well-known to life extension enthusiasts: Aubrey de Grey, Michael West, Robert Freitas, Ray Kurzweil, and Marvin Minsky to name a few.


But if the authors of the Science portion the book are correct that radical life extension is coming, any philosophical arguments against life extension will ring hollow when it arrives. The Perspectives section is of greater value when it debates how to adapt our society to life extension, rather than whether we should pursue it.

The publication of this book is certainly a landmark for the Immortality Institute. The Institute should be proud of this accomplishment. More importantly, this book is a milestone in the quest for life extension. The depth of the bench here, the willingness of respected scientists to contribute to such a book, is an important development.


Looking forward to reading your new book...good job guys, My hat off to you and your hard work!!

Posted by: Bella Merci Lonaker at October 18th, 2004 12:17 PM

Thank you for a interesting book!

Posted by: charlotte Bolivard at August 13th, 2005 2:30 PM

Nice research work. Thanks

Posted by: Lisa at November 10th, 2005 4:38 PM
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