Extracts From Fantastic Voyage

Jump in and read the latest Longevity Meme article, composed of excerpts taken from Fantastic Voyage by Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman. While I may not agree with all of the book's focus, I think that the authors do a good job of articulating an expansive, ambitious, but ultimately sensible agenda for the future of healthy life extension and related medical research. This path to the future is often taken as read (and for granted) within the healthy life extension community - but we can never say these things too loudly or too often! Education for the purpose of generating public support for serious anti-aging research is vital to our future health and longevity. It's that view that I hope I've captured with this article.

Link: http://www.longevitymeme.org/articles/viewarticle.cfm?page=1&article_id=21


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