Optimism From Aging Researchers

Optimism for aging research is on display in the South Bend Tribune. "Aging is really a set of processes. They converge and interact with each other. There is a high level of excitement now with aging research. ... Aging research has come of age. The key finding is that aging is plastic, that it can be manipulated ... There is a lot of interest from (large pharmaceutical companies) that was not there two years ago. ... Current research suggests that aging seems to be governed by interaction between the neurons in the brain and hormones such as insulin ... What we don't know is whether the head is the weak link in aging or (if it) is sort of a master control. The excitement in the field is that these studies offer the possibility of rational therapeutic interventions. It is no longer just philosophical. Now we can get going."

Link: http://www.southbendtribune.com/stories/2004/11/24/living.20041124-sbt-MICH-D5-Discoveries_about.sto


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