A Big Jump Forward for the M Prize

I'm very pleased to see the following press release. One of the many benefits of volunteering with the Methuselah Foundation is that I have early access to good news like this (before it makes it to the M Prize website, even).

Ammunition for the War on Aging - $100,000 sponsorship accelerator

British Visionary supports mission of Methuselah Foundation with large gift

WASHINGTON, DC For Immediate Release

On November 23, 2004, British entrepreneur David Fisher, learned that the first Rejuvenation M Prize - the prize for Rejuvenation and reversal of aging in middle-aged mice was awarded to Dr. Stephen Spindler. Impressed by the power of Prizes to accelerate investment in scientific research to reverse aging, Fisher decided to donate well over $100,000 in cash to the Methuselah Foundation which the foundation will use to accelerate its efforts to grow the M Prize fund.

"The biggest causes of suffering in the developed world are degenerative diseases, and by attacking the aging process itself, we can intervene in all of these simultaneously," said Fisher. "The Prize is obviously a model that works. Rather than funding only one group of researchers, it inspires scientists from all over the world to compete for the reward and recognition of a large, public prize. The success of the Ansari X Prize is an excellent example of this. I believe that the fundraising efforts that my donation will make possible will greatly increase the M Prize fund and most certainly bring about similar success."

Fisher has also joined the Three Hundred, a group of devoted individuals who have committed to donating $1000 a year for the next twenty-five years to the M Prize fund. Membership in The Three Hundred has climbed dramatically since the announcement of Spindler's success.

Fisher went on to say "People from all over the world have joined The Three Hundred. Their commitment shows that ordinary people are willing to make extraordinary sacrifices in their everyday lives and budgets in order to bring about the reversal of aging. I'm following their example and hope I will be an example to others to join so the prize can grow in size and power as quickly as possible."

Fisher's sponsorship is the first major donation to be given via the Methuselah Foundation's newly established affiliate in the United Kingdom. The Foundation's UK affiliate was established to provide tax deductibility for donations by citizens of the United Kingdom and to generally extend the Methuselah Foundation's efforts to advance Rejuvenation research and results into the international sphere.

The Methuselah Foundation will be adding more affiliate countries next year as it works to bring the strength of the international community to the cause - and to increasingly incite the competitive spirit of nations to substantially increase support and research into ending the diseases and suffering caused by aging.

For more information about The Methuselah Foundation, its M Prize competition and how to support the Foundation's mission, see www.MPrize.org or contact us via e-mail at media@mprize.org.


David Gobel : 202 306 0989 : media@mprize.org : http://www.mprize.org

Onwards and upwards, it seems!

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