Advances On Aubrey de Grey

This PDF-format article on Aubrey de Grey and his Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence appeared in the Winter edition of Advances in Orthomolecular Research. It's a good read. "Late in the 1990s, this obscure computer scientist suddenly became obsessed with the enormity of misery and death caused by the aging process. But instead of raging impotently against age-related biological decay, he set out to do something about it ... Dr. de Grey earned his doctorate with a seminal work that overthrew previous thought on the role of mitochondria (the cellular 'power plants') in aging. But he eventually realized that even a solution to the problem of age-associated mitochondrial mutations would not lead to a final solution to the ongoing, seemingly-inevitable theft of health, dignity, and life by the aging process." His currently proposed solution took a few more years to gel into its present form.



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