Long Now Foundation Seminars

If you scroll down to the bottom of the seminar download page at the Long Now Foundation, you will find an audio download for a talk by Michael West entitled "The Prospects of Human Life Extension."

The latest seminar (Ken Dychtwald on "The Consequences of Human Life Extension") isn't up for download yet - and not having read much of him or his materials yet, I can't tell you whether he's on the side of light or darkness (or even really involved for that matter) in the anti-aging marketplace. Any of you folks who know more than I are welcome to educate me in this matter.

The Dychtwald seminar was blogged and it sounds fairly sensible from this report. Another fellow had the following to say:

Last night, I went to the Long Now seminar with densaer. Ken Dychtwald on the consequences of human life extensions, and the like. Relatively short-term stuff, and relatively standard content, but he's a good speaker.

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