On FasterCures

The Milken Institute is funding an effort called FasterCures, aiming to:

Evaluate the current systems of identifying and delivering cures

Identify barriers to progress that currently exist in these systems

Engage individuals and organizations in our mission to accelerate solutions

Create action plans to clear the path to faster cures

Clearing out the undergrowth of political, regulatory and protectionist parasitism that holds back scientific progress and its commercial application is a good thing for everyone, especially those of use who advocate healthy life extension and aging research. In our case, time is very much of the essence. Even the fastest plausible paths for future development of medical technology mean that meaningful rejuvenation therapies will come too late for many.

Still, it is a promising sign that an organization like FasterCures exists - it shows that recognition of the magnitude of regulatory and organizational problems in medicine has led to well-backed efforts to do something about it. I wish the FasterCures team the best of luck in achieving their goals.


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