On Longer Healthy Life Spans

An article from the Daily Breeze contains a great quote from biologist Steven Austad: "I think people will someday live substantially longer than today. (Living) into your 100s will be fairly routine, up to 150 for the outlier (a longer-lived person who is the exception to the rule). I think this because we have been so successful at figuring out how to make animals live longer. The arguments (against appreciably longer life spans) are based so far as I can tell on ignoring a huge pile of research done over the past 15 years and the mystical belief that longevity, unlike every other human trait we know of, is impossible to change." The work of biogerontologist Aubrey de Grey is mentioned too - always a good thing.

Link: http://www.dailybreeze.com/today/articles/1300176.html


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