Popular Science Profiles Aubrey de Grey

You'll find a long, irreverent and fascinating profile of biogerontologist Aubrey de Grey at Popular Science today. The Methuselah Mouse Prize gets a good mention too: "One of the advisers to the Methuselah Foundation is no less a scientific entrepreneur than Peter Diamandis, whose X Prize helped wrap people's minds around another initially implausible idea, commercial spaceflight." While the author is overly skeptical the possibilities for near-term healthy life extension, he understands the value represented by scientists like Aubrey de Grey: "Aubrey is a cross between Svengali and a Methodist firebrand preacher, and yes, he can drive you up the wall. But in science, people like him are far too rare."

Link: http://www.popsci.com/popsci/medicine/article/0,20967,929447,00.html


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