A Bioconservative On Aubrey de Grey

The MIT Technology Review is printing a long article on Aubrey de Grey by a fellow who is adamantly opposed to healthy life extension beyond an arbitrary line drawn in the sand. It's an interesting piece, complete with all the old, disproven anti-life-extension arguments, and clearly illustrates the lengths that some folks go to insulate themselves from the slightest acceptance of longer, healthier lives as a good thing. I have nothing against people who choose not to live a longer life - freedom is vitally important - but the doom and gloom crowd who wish to block medical science and cap all life spans at their arbitrary limit are a real threat. Healthy life spans have greatly increased over the past century and the sky hasn't fallen - nor will it.

Link: http://www.technologyreview.com/articles/05/02/issue/feature_aging.asp?p=0


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