M Prize Activists Hard at Work in Edmonton

Kudos to Kevin Perrott for his hard work in Edmonton, Canada in connection with Aubrey de Grey's forthcoming talks on the future of real anti-aging medicine. A very busy Kevin notes:

I'm not as optimistic that I made a great live interview with Global Television as they pushed the TV interview I did yesterday to tomorrow or tuesday although I've been assured that there was plenty to work with.. Word to the wise.. if you've had three cups of coffee before noon.. say no to impromptu live interviews at 11:00 AM.. we'll see.. I've been asked to be able to provide an interview a little closer to the date of the talk by another television station... CFRN.

You can see some of the publicity results to date in an Edmonton Sun article and two PDFs of an Edmonton Journal article: Front page and full article. Good job!


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