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Hype & Hope is one of those "not quite a blog, not quite a news service" offerings that have been springing up of late - many posts and pointers, but little editorializing. Hype & Hope focuses on stem cell research with a more or less equal weight given to financial and business news, noteworthy science and political stories. It looks to be a useful resource in its present incarnation, so hopefully it will stay that way.


To Whom It May Concern, this commentary concerning the politics surrounding stem cell research and treatment, is offered due to the unusual advance in aberrant socio-cultural and religious bigotry.

It stems (sic)from the idea that self-improvement on any scale, be it intellectual or biological, or even cultural, is an unwarranted attack upon those who are ill-prepared to change and adapt to the future.

It's that simple. They want control. They attack differences of opinion. They see themselves as bastions of God's Will On Earth, and nothing and no one will overcome their dominant position in the hierarchy of faith.

They are part and parcel of a problem in our human community, since measurable homo-sapient history began. The shaman, the mythological fantasists, and the religious inconoclasts, all have so much to lose, but worse, in losing their self-adorned prestige in the ladder rungs of influence, they also lose their ignorance and become aware of their age-old stubborness to face daunting realities.


But then, that's what advancement means. Going forward and understanding that the future is not to be feared, or corrupted, or influenced to give more to others, than more to all.

Think about it. Look around. Who is trying to tell you what to do? That person is dangerous because they don't say - think for yourselves!

Posted by: Geoff Geauterre at December 7th, 2005 5:20 AM

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