Enumerating The Benefits

(From the Kansas City News). Estimating out the number of people likely to benefit from near-future regenerative therapies developed using therapeutic cloning - or somatic cell nuclear transfer - is a good tack to take in political debates, as is happening in Missouri. "A study has found that more than 400,000 Missourians suffer from six diseases and injuries that could be treated or cured with therapies that scientists expect to develop using somatic cell nuclear transfer. ... The study, conducted by The Analysis Group, a national research firm, looked at six medical conditions that are considered most likely to benefit from future stem cell research: juvenile diabetes and a related disease that develops in adults; Parkinson's diseases; spinal cord injury; heart attack; stroke; and Alzheimer's disease."

Link: http://kansascity.bizjournals.com/kansascity/stories/2005/02/14/daily42.html

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