Just How Important Is Exercise?

Modest exercise is very important for your long-term health and longevity, as noted at Forbes. "Most of the issues we look at as aging really are disuse. We're meant to move ... Exercising is the closest thing to a 'magic bullet,' to ensure longevity and a good quality of life." Calorie restriction is another proven, available way to enhance your healthy longevity. "There is good evidence that older people respond just as well to exercise as younger people do, but most older people don't exercise." By not taking care of your health, you risk age-related conditions that make it much harder to exercise - age-related degeneration is a downward spiral, but even today you have control over how fast it happens and what your risk levels are. To benefit from the longevity medicine of tomorrow you must stay healthy today.

Link: http://www.forbes.com/lifestyle/health/feeds/hscout/2005/02/25/hscout522467.html

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